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Reedside Ltd. Millars Three, Southmill Road Bishops Stortford, Herts. CM23 3DH





Terms and conditions  

All units are available on a lease, with the length of the term, and terms to be determined, or on a licence, that is ongoing, with a notice period of three calendar months. Fees are payable monthly in advance with a sum of 100 being collected prior to occupation, to be held as a deposit for the period until the premises are vacated.

Electricity is supplied on a metered basis and is charged monthly, unless otherwise stated.

A modest charge is made quarterly to cover the cost of water rates.

Rents quoted are per week and are subject to an additional 5% maintenance charge, unless otherwise stated.

Tenants are required to make their own enquiries with East Hertfordshire District or Epping District councils, with regard to Business Rates

All prices and rents  are subject to VAT





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